Let’s get one thing straight:

You don’t need me.

But darling, maybe you want me.

Maybe you’d delight in constant reminders of deep joy and grateful appreciation of life. (And maybe you’d love just a smidgeon of ass-kickin’ when your stories start stinkin’!)

Maybe you’re a verified and glorious ‘alien’ who’s totally over even pretending to be ‘mainstream’… (Trust me, it’s not just you, I know!)

Maybe you’re feeling a tad lost in the darkness and what you’d really love is a moment of light, so you can find your own matches.

Maybe your dusty mind needs a good washing. You’re a genius, I know it, I can help you scrub your mind clean, let the sparkle of creative genius back in. Oh yes, yes I can!

Darling, you don’t need me… But maybe you’re intrigued, wanna know what I can give…

Gabriella Salmon

Creative skills generalist; conscious ideas specialist.


What does that mean? What does it mean?!

Cutie, you always ask such brilliant questions!

Come, have an explore…