10 Things My Big Self Has To Say To My Little Self.

Dear Little Self,

Here are some things to remember right now…

1. This is all temporary.

2. Nothing ‘out there’ is ever going to save you.

3. You don’t need saving.

4. You don’t need saving… But you are so incredibly deserving of being loved and cherished and adored.

5. Your feelings of loneliness will not kill you.

6. You are not as fat as you think you are.

7. Radical change can happen so much faster than you really get right now.

8. It can be so much more amazing than you are planning for right now. Lay your plans at Love’s door. All of them. Love is going to blow your mind.

9. Trust the process.

10. I love you, I find your ‘serious face’ amusing, and you’re still crazy cute adorable when you’re sleeping.

I got you babe.


Big Self.