A Love Letter

Hey, I think I need to write us a love letter. Yes, ‘us’, me and you both. I feel travel weary and heart sore right now. How about you? Intellect offers no blessed salve here, we need a love letter. Here is my love letter to us…

I would choose you. Over all of the millions of people out there who seem ‘further ahead’ or seem to ‘have their shit together more’, I would choose you.

I would choose you because you are real. I would choose you because you are honest in your stumbling. I would choose you because you keep showing up, even when it hurts. I would choose you because you are real. That’s the thing I love most about you.

You are real. You are more vulnerable honesty than calculating strategy. You are more open wonder than closed intellect. You hold space for miracles, you are a space for miracles. I love that about you more than I can say.

You are here, right now, reading this. I am so glad. It means you haven’t given up. It means there is still breath in your lungs and fire in your belly… Even if it is only the smallest of small fires… There is still fire in you. There is still breath in you. The weight of you breath in this world is the sweetest thing to bear. I am so glad you are alive.

I have not given up on you. There is nothing you can do or say, or not do or say, that will make me give up on you. We could sit here in silent stillness for the rest of our days and I would still love you, you would still be worth it. We could spend our whole lives on our knees polishing other people’s floors, never raising an eye to the heavens, and still it would be worth it. I would see your eyes in the reflection of the boards we’re polishing and these lives would be worth it. Whatever it takes, loving you is worth it. You are worth it.

I love you.