All things will grow from this.

This adventure begins, like so many good adventures do, with an open suitcase, an open heart, and a yesterday that is swiftly dispersing into nothing more than a love and growth filled haze. Today is the day that matters. Right now is the heart space that defines my experience most. Calm amongst the unknowing.

I am settling in new lands you see. A few months ago, I went literally half way around the world and back to find the utter certainty that this, this beautiful Sunshine Coast on the east coast of Australia, is where I want to make my long-term home. I’m certain now. I’m not completely sure where I’ll be sleeping tomorrow night, but I’m oceans full of the certainty that there is nowhere on the planet I would rather be right now. And not just right now… I am embarking on the process of making this place home. Home. Long-term. Planting the heirloom seeds I have been gathering over the past 10 years, and putting down strong, stable, nourished roots.

A year ago, in the midst of dreaming of my ideal literal, physical home, I thought to myself ‘This house is architecturally designed for a warmer climate.’ I opened my eyes and that was it, my move north was decided. But how much stronger a decision, a knowing, after it’s been tempered by the fires of the whole world.  A little under 4 months ago, I found myself with a one-way ticket, on a plane to Europe. While I was there, I let my mind explore every possibility it could come up with, anywhere in the world. I gave my mind and imagination freedom to roam, border-less… And, in more than one moment, I had the strongest vision of myself as a tree, planted here. Lush and verdant and brimming with flowers and fruit, here on the Sunshine Coast. So I came back. Never before have I put a decision to change locations through such a season of contemplation and exploration. It is well and truly tempered now.

This is the place I want to be. This is the place I intend to plant myself, my life. This is the season in which I intend to grow more abundantly than ever before. Solid, stable, planted. I have been the bee, I have been the bird, flitting from space to space, flower to flower. I have been the weary traveler who rests gratefully under the strong, steady boughs of other people-trees. Now it is time to be the tree, to plant myself, to embrace the commitment of basing myself here. I have never done it like this before. I have fought fiercely for freedom in my old lives, and I have not seen trees as the archetypes of freedom… But there is a new kind of freedom, a new kind of liberation to be had in the solid, deep grounding of myself in this new community and land, I am sure.

It’s an orchard that I’m planning to grow, but the strongest seed, the seed of the grandmother tree has already been planted… Clear, loving intention planted this seed and has been devotedly watering it for seasons before I physically got here. Now that I am physically here, part of me looks around in wonder and asks ‘Now what?’.

I don’t know.

I don’t know how this is going to play out… I do know that this is unequivocally where I am called to be for this next chapter of my life. It feels the most valuable of certainties to have. All things will grow from this.

planting_bean_seeds_400*This is the first entry of (at least) 100 in my 5th Living Book project ‘Planting seeds, putting down roots.’ Unlike my previous projects in which I wrote everyday for 100 consecutive days, this project will see me writing (at least) every 3rd day over the course of 300 days… A lot can change in a single day… Everything can change over the course of three hundred of them! Let the new adventure reveal itself!*