Before I write…

Before I write, I pray. I pray that my words are the strongest and truest I can muster in the moment I commit them to the page. I pray that I remember the reason I am here… The big ‘here’ of this life, and the little ‘here’ of this page… They are both the same- To experience myself as whoever I decide to be, to see and know the perfect nature of my own co-creation with Life and Love, and to use that power consciously, and to revel in the incredible opportunities of experience afforded me through this physical body.

Before I write, I search my mind for what it wants to say… Then I filter it through my heart. Less and less judgment, complaining, and perpetuating of non-serving stories make it through the filter these days. There feels deeper silence in me these days than ever before. Less frantic, harried questioning. Less volatile, raging blisters.

As I write, I search for new ways to say the same things. Of great truths, I covet no radically new world thinking, only becoming myself a more eloquent and sure orator and practitioner of said truths.

After I write, I set each piece carefully in its beautiful virtual display case and lay another piece of sand in another shell… Which will become pearls?