Blesssed I am.

Blessed with more than enough food, a safe, comfortable place to sleep, clothing, communication, access to any and all of the essentials I need… And with a lifetime’s history of always having the same. Blessed with mental, emotional, and vast literal freedom, possibility and opportunity.

It’s been easy for me. I’ve never had to literally fight for my own survival. I’ve never been oppressed because of my skin colour, sex, or creed. I’ve never even indoctrinated, in the way so many people are, into the belief that I have to do anything ‘normal’ with my life at all. The doors of the world are open to me. I know they are not open to everyone as widely and as easily as they are for me… Not yet, not yet. I cannot single-handedly open all of the doors myself, but I can stop doing the world the disservice of forgetting my blessings. Because I do, I do forget my blessings sometimes. We all do. ‘My life will be better when…’, ‘I will be happy when…’, forgetting that there is a garden of tender blessing shoots growing at our feet, begging for water.

Sometimes I get to thinking that my ‘plans’ matter, that I need to know the ‘next step’ before I can really relax into and appreciate this one… When the truth is, I know from experience that the next step will appear naturally and easily and even better than I imagine when I take the precious moments of now to appreciate how blessed I truly am. Not how blessed I was the other day, or how blessed I will be some time in the future – Right now.

Blessed am I.

It’s a sweltering summer’s eve in Berlin, and I’m sitting in the middle of my own double bed, in my own huge room in a top floor apartment, freshly showered and perfectly anticipating the first satisfyingly long night’s sleep I’ve had in over a week. There is food in my belly and in the fridge, and there is money in my wallet, credit on my phone, internet connection on my computer and 657 books on my Kindle. The gentle murmur of people peacefully going about their inner city lives is floating in through the window…. Sitting here right now I feel granted a moment of precious clarity to see that there is absolutely nothing ‘wrong’ with my life. May you have moments of the same clarity my friend.

Blessed are we.


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  1. Great to hear. This encourages me to fee blessed. I felt incredibly blessed yesterday basking in the sun near a jetty in Woy Woy, near my home. The water and sky seemed to sparkle like diamonds. I tried to sinc part of the Girish song ‘Diamonds In The Sun’ to a short film of the scene but found the part I sinc’d was ‘Diamonds in the sun’ the Indian language section. I am very lucky and blessed in people who have helped me on my path.

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