Today Life blew a breath onto the hot coals of the formally raging fire in my belly. In a splendid instant, a tongue of flame leapt up again, spilling out my fingertips, my eyes, my lips, my perfectly contained heart… I sat on a bench on the side of a busy thoroughfare, being a beacon for the life of my deepest desires. Being a lighthouse for those traversing rough seas.

‘It’s still possible.’ are the words that are in me to write. ‘It’s coming.’

There is bliss to be had in this lifetime, in your lifetime. Not just ‘Getting by’ or ‘Pretty good’ or ‘Drudgery with occasional hits of artificial, external relief.’… Bliss.

‘Bliss’. We don’t use that word much, do we?  It’s not very sensible or practical or containable.


It’s 10pm now and it’s still gently light outside. The ground is gratefully wet from an earlier light shower. Somewhere down below someone is playing a guitar… Really beautifully. The slide of the player’s fingers up and down the fret board just as much a perfect part of the music as the deliberate notes themselves. It feels like it’s just for me – a song from the lover to the loved. Alone in this apartment for my last night in Berlin, sitting in a moment of bliss.

I had more to write… So much more to write… But the music is playing. The music is playing and it’s a song from Life to me… The least I can do is listen.

The least you can do is listen-



It’s still possible.

It’s coming.



One thought on “Bliss.

  1. The bit about the guitar reminded me of when I first moved to the coast and was exploring everywhere. I got a bus that went on a long winding route between Terrigal Avoca until reaching Woy Woy, finally. The bus was going through many tall, green trees arching over the road, although there were houses too. A school boy was gently strumming his guitar, playing a beautiful melody. It was one of those moments when life is full of possibilities. It just seems rather a long windy road generally to my final goals but anyway it is really all about the journey giving meaning to our destination.

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