Bodies of Energy.

** Well hi! I’ve returned! Momentarily! Drawn out of creative writing slumber by the sweet little request to write a short article for Gnostic Magazine down in NSW. It’ll be coming out in hard-copy glory in June, but most of you aren’t down there to find it… So here it is for the rest of world!**

‘Relax…’ I said quietly, and felt his whole body surrender to the force of mine a little more. The twitch in his muscles from moments ago quieted. His spine grew longer as he decompressed, unfurled, and trusted me, trusted the experience a little more. ‘How did you know?’ he asked, surprised. As if it were possible for me to be supporting his whole body weight on top of me and not know, not feel his tension, and move with him to a place of greater comfort in our partnership as he released, relaxed, trusted more.

I’m not talking about sex. (Although, for another story, I might be.) In the little story I just shared, he and I were no more (or less) than fleeting acroyoga partners. And the same story could refer to any one of the dozens and dozens of people who have found themselves in the same situation – upside down on my feet, literally trusting me with the entire weight of their being.

‘Could you write us a story on the theme ‘energy’?’ And my first thought was of acroyoga and exchanges like the one above. But not everyone does acroyoga – How are the reminders and new experiences I find relevant, applicable, and ‘experience-able’ for everybody? The key is in the body. Everybody.

‘I don’t have any energy today.’ she says.

To which I reply, with that peppy optimism that will fiercely annoy you if you’re wanting to wallow today, ‘Don’t be ridiculous! You’re literally made of energy!’ And it’s true. Literally. If we had no energy, we’d cease to exist, and I’ve never witnessed a living human being ‘run out of energy’ and simply blip out of existence! But we forget. ‘Energy’ is so often spoken of in more ethereal, wispy, harder to grasp ways. But the fact is, our physical bodies are literally the strongest, most abiding experience of energy we have in our human lives. These days, it’s acroyoga that helps me remember that most consistently. In a previous season it was physical percussion and dance. For you it might be soccer or swimming or rock-climbing or bushwalking. And yes, for almost all of us, in some moments and seasons, sex is the strongest reminder of the depth and power of the intense energy of our very being.

Want to explore energy, to study it intimately? We need look no further than our very physical selves. Interested in delving into the whole-body experience of synergy with another energetic being? Dance with someone, make love to someone, or simply touch someone, anyone, with tenderness. These bodies of ours, they are energy.


Ya, that's me. Basey McBase. And that was ages ago! I'm heaps better now! :)
Ya, that’s me. Basey McBase. And that was ages ago! I’m heaps better now! 🙂


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