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‘100 Days of Morning’, a brilliant, inspired and inspiring book. Bravely, wisely and boldly written with heart and passion. I read it from cover to cover and feel as though you took me on a journey and let me into your life as it was unfolding during a time of your life where your world was opening up to the greatest and grandest creative and life affirming adventures. I thank you for sharing your courage, insight and wonder, and all the magic and beauty of who you are, as you are, peace and love Gabriella, may the force continue to be with you xox- Melanie Lee, author of ‘A Girl In The World’ (


‘It’s hard to put down !
It’s hard to go out ! Cause I just want to read the BOOK.
Ha! I am so grateful Gabs, that you wrote the BOOK xxxxxxx ‘
– Michelle Candy

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Living Book #1
'100 Days of Morning - Writing my way from death to radical, loving change.'
On a cold, wet, winter’s morning, I got a phone call…

‘Our dad passed away at 4am this morning.’
Unbeknownst to me, my father had been dying in a hospital bed hundreds of kilometers away for days, weeks. On the 19th of July 2012 he drew his last breath. What a difference a day makes…

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Living Book #2
'A Sacred Summer - Healing a fractured childhood through bringing old stories to light.'
On the day after my 13th birthday, my mother died. The day my mother died everything changed. And I mean everything. Within the space of four weeks, the home we'd lived in was packed up and sold, and after flying 2,000 kilometres south from the wide, open countryside to the complexities of city suburbia, my little sister and I were sent to live with different parts of the family. Oh, and I started high school. All in all, it was an abrupt, tearing, tearful parting. It felt like a door slammed on that chapter of my life... Hermetically sealed, never fully integrated into the following chapters.

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1. Personally dedicated print version is available by contacting me.

2. Kindle version through Amazon by clicking here..
Living Book #3
'Everyday Love- An adventure in starting from love… And letting it change everything.'
On the 19th of March 2013, I officially, deliberately started a new chapter in this life of mine. This chapter started with an interstate move, a brand new blank page laid out before me, and a conscious, committed, public intention – To start from love everyday. And to write about it. Every single day for 100 days. I had no idea what it would entail exactly… Because I hadn’t lived it yet! But I did know this – that it would be the greatest conscious love story of my life so far! Who knows, it might even involve the greatest romance of my life so far as well! You’ll just have to come back and read it later won’t you?!

Publish date TBC.
Living Book #4
'A World of Trust'
A purple suitcase, a one-way ticket, and a whole lotta faith.
In July 2013, I sat at the Brisbane International Airport with a one-way ticket to Germany, a list of friends I planned to see, a head exploding with questions, and a heart giddy with this big leap of faith...

Publish date TBC.
Living Book #5
'Planting seeds, putting down roots.'
More info coming soon!

And a little radio interview about the launch of my first book ‘100 Days of Morning’ and my work in general.

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