Creator of Worlds.

You’ve got to create your own world…

You’ve got to create your own world in your head and then transplant it into your heart.

Yes, in that order.

Why? Because this is the second (or third, or fourth) world…

The first world you created in your heart first…

You didn’t consciously choose it, you haphazardly assembled it from the smiles of your mother, the absence of your father, the praise of your teachers, the off-hand remarks of your older brother, the perfect tragedy of your first loves, the quicksands of teenage friendships…

You threw all of these things together and you created your first world.


The creation of your first world is a cause for celebration indeed!

You are a creator of worlds…

Yeah, they write big and holy stories about creators of worlds…

So you created you first world in your heart, then you transported it… Up, up, up… To your logical, rational brain… And you strained every new input through the story in your head… And you got to thinking… ‘Well, that’s just the way things are. These are the facts.’


Fact is, you’re a world maker.

Fact is, it’s your world you’re creating, no one elses.

Fact is, you get to decide which stories you want to play with now, and you get to transplant them into your heart.

You the loved.

You the wise.

You the leader.

You the creative.

You the wealthy.

You the brilliant.

You the connected.

You the creator of your world.

This is your world.

A grand adventure of ‘Me, myself, and I’.

You are God here.

‘Love’, ‘Life’, ‘God’, ‘Creator’, ‘You’… All perfect synonyms.