Do whatever the f**k you feel like.

Yesterday I found an interesting website At first I thought to myself ‘No way, this is a total piss-take!’, turns out it’s not. This guy, a Mr John C Parkin has created a life, a living and an incredibly interesting brand out of a very simple philosophy that I’m sure we’ve all used on multiple occasions. It goes a little something like this – ‘Ah, fuck it!’ lol The difference between us and this guy is that he’s turned it into his own little brand, his own niche career and, by the looks of it, a damn good life! Sounds improbable right? Implausible? The kind of thing you blurt out randomly and get a serious lecture from everyone to ‘get your shit together and find a real job’. I’m pretty open minded when it comes to this whole ‘job/work/making a living stuff’ and even I would have laughed at the idea of someone creating a lifestyle and a business based around something they wanted to call ‘The Fuck It Way’. ‘The Fuck It Way’? Seriously?! Ahahahahahaa!

Seems I would have been wrong, seems my imagination would have been stretched and found wanting and it seems that you can make an exciting, financially sustainable, totally unique lifestyle and living doing whatever the fuck you want. No matter how small or  crazy your niche seems, there’s a way to make a life doing it if a) you’re completely committed to it (and willing to work through whatever isssssues you have around ‘success’ and ‘real jobs’ etc etc.) and b) you persist. You may have to be willing to be pretty damn flexible on the ‘hows’ of it all but rest assured my dear, dear friend, if you keep the core commitment and you keep stepping forward in whatever way you can in the moment then ‘it’ can happen. You don’t have to compromise on what it is you truly desire, you never did.

Have a little think for a minute, look around the room you’re sitting in, remember back to your most recent adventures – there are examples EVERYWHERE of people who turned the highly improbable into viable, exciting lives, incomes and even fame. The first people who made Post-It notes changed the world of stationary. Mark Zuckerberg has changed the world of communication in ways we are yet to appreciate. A few circus fiend mates got together and somehow managed to create the ‘Cirque de Soleil’ global empire. There are people out there getting rich selling sunglasses for dogs! There are thousands of examples and these aren’t even the most bizarre ones! Take the kookiest, craziest thing you can think of and someone out there is quite delightedly making a living from it (and a very interesting biography besides).

So if you’re sitting there with a burning passion to do something and you were waiting for a ‘sign’, this is it. If you’re having a crisis of faith wondering ‘Is this possible?’ then, unless it’s against the laws of physics,then yes, it is possible. You can do whatever the fuck you want and it can ‘work’ and it can be all kinds of magical to boot. Happy fucking… ah, damn, you know what I mean 😉 lol