Don’t let yourself die.

Did you know that the absence of joy in your life will kill you? Literally. Your heart, drained dry of all its joy, will literally stop beating and you will keel over dead. The Japanese call it ‘Karoshi’. People with no previous medical conditions or serious illnesses just drop dead. In some cases, their hearts literally just stop beating. If joy stops pumping through your system, you will die. You may not die as noticeably as the grievously over-worked, under-joyed Japanese businessman, but you will die nonetheless. When your lungs stop breathing in the joy of this life, when your heart stops pumping the rich, oxygenated blood of inspired creation around the channels of your perfect human being, you will die. If you stop embracing the perfect rhythm of the inhale and the exhale, and try to horde all of your joy in, or hold all of it out, you will die. You will choke, you will slowly suffocate yourself with the fluids of regret, love not expressed, knowing not followed, adventures not welcomed. Yes, it will be painful. Yes, it will be frightening… How terrifying to find you have not even the breath left to cry out for help.

Don’t let yourself die.

Don’t let yourself fall into the cancerous belief that your stories are not worthy, that your experience of life is nothing less than miraculous. Don’t let yourself swallow the bitter poison of the belief that you have nothing brilliant to offer this world and your passions are not worth pursuing.

Spit it up, spit it up. Breathe!

Breathe in joy. Breathe it in deeply.

Sometimes I want to smack you with a ferocity that only Love can induce. Your visions of yourself as ‘small’ are an insult to the infinite. Do not accept this. Do not accept this shallow breathing of joy. Do not accept these chronic physical illnesses you are creating. Do not accept yourself as wanting and incomplete. Stop it. Stop it, it will kill you.

Just like oxygen, you don’t have to find joy, you just have to let it in. Joy is the emotional equivalent of oxygen – keep breathing.

Don’t let yourself die.

We want to see you live.

Keep breathing.


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