I am many trees…

* I’ve been compelled to write what I loosely call ‘performance poetry’ lately… They don’t quite translate as words on a screen… but near enough 🙂 Here’s one I wrote last week… xx

My heart is bigger than I thought it was.

It could fill all the space from here to the moon, to the sun, to the stars.

Love is not what I once knew it as…

Those I love are not books in a bookshelf with my allotted space filling, filling, full. Time to move some out; get rid of the ones I don’t read anymore. It’s not like that.

Thank God.

Thank Love.

It’s more like replanting the Amazon.

Every time a new tree is planted, the eco-system rejoices.

Every time a new tree is planted, the whole world breathes just a little easier.

Every time a new tree is planted, its roots hold something together.

I have a network of love holding me together.

I am part of many networks of love holding many worlds together.

I am many trees, I bear much fruit.