I don’t want your life.

I don’t want your life.

Or hers.

Or his.

Or theirs.

And it makes my heart smile to say that, to write that, to know that.

I don’t want your life.

I used to.

I used to always be looking around at other people’s lives, looking, looking, always looking for the one that I wanted.

Looking out there for someone else to finally present me with the perfect life so that I could do exactly what they’d done, follow their path, get their results, and live their perfect life too.

Seems silly now, I know.

Then I let go of the ‘perfect life’ business a little bit and started narrowing it down a tad.

I knew I didn’t want to replicate an entire life, but there was still ‘perfect’ out there…

I wanted that relationship, her body, his business and financial success…

It meant that there was still a craving, wanting part of me…

A part of me that was still invested in the idea that someone out there held the answers, held my answers.

It was that investment that made me crazy with fear and jealousy and riddled with mean, mean thoughts at times.

But now, with every day, every interaction, every observation, I am drawn more and more into the understanding that no one out there knows my answers.

None of them.

My answers are written in the sacred covenant held between me and my beloved Life.

They are not written anywhere else.

No one else has my answers.

No one else holds even the smallest fragment of my life.

And no one else holds even the smallest fragment of yours.

This is a liberating knowing to be moving towards…

It’s a knowing that will see me, see us, dismantling more and more of our pedestals.

Still honouring each other’s wisdom and talents in different areas… But not coveting each other’s lives.

It will give us so much more loving space to live our own.

Our genius is in our own lives.