I know you are, you said you are, so what am I?

I, Gabriella Salmon, have a confession… I want to be rich and famous. (Which is actually not at all a confession really, because I’ve definitely said it before!) I want to be well known. (For good reasons! I have good stuff to say and share and demonstrate! Really! Can you touch your nose with your tongue huh? See? Good stuff to share.) I want people to quote me. (But preferably not the things I say when I’m losing at Scrabble. Still. Not. A. Gracious. Loser.) I want people to pay me handsomely and beautifully (Like ‘Miss Universe’ beautiful.) for my time and my work. I want people to come up to me and ask me to sign things and be in photos with them… And I’m not talking about signing credit card authorisations, or wanting me to be in their photos because I’m the only single white female at the beach in an Asian country… (But I only want the signing, picturey bit sometimes, at specific events… Not when I’m doing a covert run to the DVD shop in my jammies, OK?) And I want all this because… It seems like fun. My ego would definitely get a kick out it. (And really, our egos can be pretty fun… Kind of like a puppy… Train it well and it will be your best and most helpful companion. Don’t train it, let it get to thinking that it’s the boss, and it will terrorise you and the neighbour’s children. Hmmm, yes. I like that. Until further notice, I’m going with that – Egos are like dogs.)

So I want to be rich and famous… But I’m not really pinning that much on it. (I used to, but not so much anymore.) Yes, I like positive validation from ‘out there’, of course I do! But I’m not desperate for it. I don’t need fawning masses to uphold my shaky self-worth. My experience of my own self-worth is actually getting deeper and more rock solid by the day, thanks for asking. And yes, I crazy adore being paid well to do the things I’m brilliant at – If being financially rich is one of the options, and it’s as cosmically easily as choosing apple or orange juice for breakfast in the scheme of things, then I would like a big serving of rich please. Thank you. Funny thing is, I’m the ‘poorest’ I’ve ever been in my life right now, and I’ve been learning heaps of brilliant and fun things about Life and money and the nature of existence already. I’m going to learn heaps more brilliant and fun things about Life and money and the nature of existence no matter what my financial report says… ‘Rich’ looks pretty sweet though, so if I’m learning pretty much the same things either way, I’d like to be in the ‘Financially wealthy’ class thanks. Same lessons. Same learnings… Better pastry break.

Here’s the thing though, whether I’m rich and famous, or poor and unknown, I’ll still be doing the same work. (Well, external variations on common internal themes.) More people listening, more money going into my bank account, does not increase the quality of my work. Neither does fewer people listening and less money going into my bank account decrease the quality of my work. I give my work the best I’ve got, in every moment, for the satisfaction of the work itself. Absolutely. Let me be clear though – ‘the work’ is not my writing, it’s not my Writes of Passage group, and it’s not this thing called ‘being a mentor’. For that matter, it’s not being a teacher, or receptionist, or manager of something-or-other. (All of which I’ve played before, and am actually looking forward to playing again for a season or two.) ‘The work’ is me. ‘I’ am the work. Training that ego puppy is the work… My ego puppy. Only mine.

I can’t heal the world, and I’ve got nothing to say that you don’t already know…. The world doesn’t need me to heal it. The world just needs me to polish up this mirror of me and turn up. That’s all I need to do to be dazzling. The world isn’t waiting for me to say something unique, it’s just loving all these creative ways to say and hear the same things – ‘We are powerful, equal co-creators in our entire experience of life. Our internal creates our external. And our brilliance, perfection, and utter loveability is eclipsed by no one… Mainly because we are all one.’ You already knew all of those things, but it’s sweet to be reminded right? (Oh, I have an awesome storytelling voice though… It’d be super sweet if lots of people could hear it!) The friend on Facebook who I just reminded of these things in a conversation that made me giggle, is just as important as the woman who’s going to pay me $1,000 an hour to hold the space for her while she cries. Same work. It’s never about what I’m doing, what my title is, or how much I’m being paid – it’s about who I’m being. Same goes for you. You get that right? You get that we’re all mirrors for each other, and whatever you’re seeing in this reflection of me as you’re reading, says unique and perfect things about where you’re up to in your ‘work’ of polishing your very own fine self.

You are brilliant and talented and funny and wise and loving and sexy and creative and the most luminous kind of miracle!

‘I know you are, you said you are, so what am I?’ Ohhhhh we totally got this as kids in the playground! ‘Takes one to know one.’ Indeed!

That’s the way, kiss the mirror! Oh my god, you’re SO kissable!!


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