If you’re in the market for big miracles…

If you’re in the market for big miracles, you need big space…

Your intellect is not big space.

True, your intellectual walls are there for a reason…

How could you ever understand how expansive, how beyond intellect you are, without the amusing delusion of your small little walls?

But no matter how much you dress it up, or take things out and paint it light colours to give the illusion of more space, your intellect is too small, too confined.

Your intellect is too small to be a container for the shower of miracles ready to rain down upon your sweet self… At best, at best your intellect is a clever home for ideas, concepts, theories…


Step outside.

Step outside your house of intellect.

Step outside into the big space again.

The space where miracles gather in the guise of dark, heavy clouds and wait to spill themselves abundantly on your upturned face

Turn your face to the sky my love, bring your beautiful eyes up to look at the heavens again

The heavens of the world have been longing for this view since the moment Life gave birth to you

The house of your intellect may keep you feeling warm and safe and snug sometimes…

But you lose sight of the stars from in there.

The roof of logic and reason blocks your view.


The thunder rumbles, the trees creak and sigh in the wind…

Fear not, there’s no danger here

These are the ecstatic sounds of a lover finding his beloved naked and waiting

Wait out here under the heavy skies, naked and exposed

You are about to have your deepest thirst quenched.