In Love With The Moon.

How can we sleep when the moon is so bright and so high in the sky? It feels like there is nothing left to do but play. It feels like I could lay out here all night with you, snuggled in blankets, drawn closer by the chill… Gazing up in reverent wonder, calling out to the moon to come down here and kiss us, knowing with cosmic certainty that the stars, they shine for us.

To lay here together and begin to speak of this great swell in me, the inevitable crest of a wave the moment before it begins its tremendous, powerful rush towards the shore… Only to be silenced by your love and your knowing. To share your breath in holy silence, to feel the comfort and protection of a higher power, in the circle of your arms. Lay with me. Naked. Armour lovingly set aside piece by piece. You are safe here. I am safe here. We are safe here. There is tender, warm, loving space in me for you. There is the strong, deep love of you for the space in me.

Hearts gently blazing, we talk to the moon. We ask that he bless this union, that we may be like him, a reflection of The Sun, brilliantly illuminating the other side of light. We hold Love’s promise in the cup of our bodies and drink of it all night long…

‘Our hearts should do this more…’  – Hafiz