KAPOW! Christmas Miracle Comin’ At Ya! (World Peace also comin’ at ya!)

I know I write about miracles a fair bit… I say to myself and my friends all the time ‘Open your miracle eyes!’. I know some people think I’m batshit crazy for talking about miracles all the time. I’m not. I know some people think I mean the ‘walk on water, turn water into wine’ type of miracles and scoff at the obvious fact that I can’t walk on water. (Yet! Unless you count skiing?!) They’re not the kind of miracles I’m talking about. Let me tell you a story of a pretty damn impressive miracle that I was part of today…

Last night, a woman took her eldest son to the burns unit of the local hospital to get treatment for burns to the majority of his right leg. While she and her four other children where waiting at the hospital, someone broke into their house and stole all of their Christmas presents (And maybe other stuff as well, I don’t know! ). Somehow, with the magic of Facebook and the internet, another local woman heard about the story this morning and decided to hold the space for a miracle. Using her extensive community and business contacts, Facebook and a few hours on the phone, she managed to co-ordinate a huge pile of donations including toys, gift vouchers and cash. Both big businesses andย  individual angels chipped in to offer support. Within the space of 5 hours, $9,000 worth of donations had been gathered. Within 10 hours the gifts had been cheerfully delivered by a pair of cheerful Santa’s helpers right to their door. Five hours. Ten hours.

Nine thousand dollars worth of donations in 5 hours. On Christmas Eve. For a family none of the donators had ever met. Because one woman decided to hold space for a miracle. Imagine the devastation of being robbed, and a day before Christmas at that, with 5 children to break the news to. Imagine a woman you’ve never met drawing together a small army of volunteers in the space of a few hours to deliver $9,000 worth of toys, vouchers and cash to your door. It’d blow your mind a bit huh?! Might even go so far as to call it a miracle huh?

How do I know this story? I know this story because I got a phone call at about 1pm today from this miracle worker who happens to be a friend of mine. She breathlessly ran through the barest bones of the story and ended with ‘The biggest problem is getting the presents to her and the kids at the end of the day!’ To which I replied ‘No worries, I can do that.’ Cause I could and it was a good story so why not? I rang my friend Ness and informed her ‘I’ve volunteered us to go deliver some presents tonight OK?’ With no hesitation whatsoever, she agreed and suggested we even get dressed up in Santa’s helpers costumes! (Although this has almost nothing to do with the story, I’ve gotta say, we make the CUTEST SANTA’S HELPERS IN THE WORLD! lol) We drove up there, delivered the presents to rampant excitement and overwhelmed tears from the mother and thus ends this particular Christmas Miracle… Or does it?

Hell no!

The ripple effect of this miracle is ginormous! Not that our tiny little human brains generally have the ability to see the profundity of it. (Mine definitely included!) Our souls get it though… Our higher selves are rejoicing and doing happy dances for the whole world. There is no ‘them’, there is only us. Our every movement, in these relatively small collectives and individually, towards compassion, support, sharing our abundance and acknowledging our very own capacity to be the container for miracles, is a microcosm of world peace…

In has ripples in other directions too… things I am too tired to articulate well right now… One that does stand out though is this – I just witnessed a woman manifest $9,000 worth of practical, physical, financial support in her life in less than a day. It wasn’t even conscious. People wanted to help her. People felt blessed to have been able to give and be part of this adventure. Everything about this story is a story of multiplication to me, of the rampant abundance of Life in the moments we are connected to it… As I wrote in my ‘Big Love Byte’ message today –

Hey radical lover, mover, shaker! ๐Ÿ™‚ Love doesn’t do maths the way you do. When you give lovingly, you’re not left with less, you’re given more and more and more and more!! If it is in you to graciously, lovingly give while still honouring yourself, give it. Give your love, compassion, talents and deepest self, not to a single person but to Life, through whoever appears in front of you. It’ll find its way back in ways more magnified and miraculous than you can even imagine! Give! ๐Ÿ™‚

Yes, miracles take committed space-holders and energy but they are actually easy and manage to multiple the good of everyone involved. Hooray for miracles! Hooray for being part of one today! Now, time to take my Santa’s helper costume off and sneak into bed at 2am and hope Santa still manages to get my presents to me! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Holding the space for miracles in this and a dozen other areas I am! ๐Ÿ˜‰