Keep turning up.

You will never know exactly how your written words (or your art, or your music, or you soft spoken tender praise) change lives.

Your work is the creation and the giving… Life’s work is the delivery.

You are always changing lives you will never even know of, simply through the act of showing up to your table of creation and then having the courage to share.

I say ‘simply’ but I know it can be anything but simple.

I know it can be hours of sitting there staring at your hands praying for inspiration.

I know it can be days of questioning whether you are actually offering the world something… Or just indulging a narcissistic streak.

I know there are times when you feel like you and your work are barely making a ripple and you get to wondering why you keep bringing yourself to create, night after night, week after week, month after month…

Let me assure you – You are making ripples. Bigger than you ever know.

And, one night, you’ll go out… And someone will tell you that he just keeps coming back to your book and that he’s never read a book like that before… And someone else will thank you for writing it. And someone you never ever, ever expected to ever read your work will tell you they do… And you’ll get a message from someone else, asking if they can  share a piece you wrote with a group on the other side of the world… And it will kind of surprise you because that piece didn’t particularly feel like one of the ‘best ones’… But you showed up to write it because you’d promised yourself and the world that you would. And, finally, someone else who you barely know will walk up to you and tell you that you were the main inspiration for them to start their own blog….

And you’ll drive home and your faith will burn bright again…

(And then you’ll look at the clock and it will say 2:30am, and you’ll do what any sensible person would and go to sleep! 😉 )

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