Life has not wasted its divinity on you.

Change the world.

Change the whole fucking world.

Get your radically loving, brilliant, genius on and change the whole fucking world.

We are LONGING for your brilliance.

We are LONGING for you to own your worth and live your deep, infinite value for us all to see.

You are enough.

You are divine brilliance made manifest in physical form.

Own your brilliance.

Not theirs.


Stop comparing yourself.

Stop second guessing yourself.

Own. Your. Fucking. Brilliance.

Existence is pointless without you.

The infinite you.

The joyful, creative, powerful, authentic you.

Stop hiding.

Come out.

Stop mourning the death of yourself, of your dreams, of your visions, of your youth.

You are not dead.

Stop belittling the sacredness of this body, this breath.

Life has not wasted its divinity on you

Life has invested its golden capital in its most worthy investment yet.