Life Orgasms.

Life is never static.

Make no mistake, this season will end.

This is temporary.

This assembly of a personality that you’re playing with, this ‘you’ is temporary.

Everything that defines your life right now will pass away.

The experience of lack is temporary, impermanent…

So is the experience of physical wealth and external success.

Temporary, ephemeral, liable to wax and wane in an instant.

Nothing is permanent.

No thing is permanent.

The no-thing-ness is permanent.

Things blink in and out of the permanent… The no-nothing-ness.

You are a blink.

You are an explosion of creation, shooting through the heavens, lighting up existence with thought colours and feeling patterns never to be repeated.

You, you my friend, are a Life orgasm.

You are a result of Life’s exquisite love for itself, a peak of pleasure that throbs with the agony and ecstasy of the human experience.

You are what love feels like.

You were born out of desire, pure desire my friend.

You are desire made manifest…

And you will ride to the end of your existence on the breath of the sweetest sigh and the slow fade of the perfect afterglow…

And Life will smile at the perfect pleasure of you.

You are what love feels like.

Little love note from Life šŸ˜‰