Look up, smile with me.

Hey cherished one,


You don’t have to work harder.

Relax your brow, unpurse you lips

Smile with me.


I have created all of this for you

Everyday I splash my shimmering brilliance on even the most hidden corners

In anticipation of your delighted discovery.


Open your miracles eyes and look at me…

I have taken the most treasured colours in my palette

And joyously spent them on the masterpieces you hold between soft lashes

Let me lay my eyes on those divine hues again.


Let me assure you, let me quiet your doubting tongue-

I would not change a single brush-stroke.

I would not paint your story faster, or with different colours, for the life of me.

I know what I’m doing.

I know where this is going.

Trust me.


Look up, smile with me.


All my love,



*Everyday Love – 100-day Living Book Project #3*

Day 11 – Saturday 30th March 2013