Love, come save me while I sleep.

Dear Life,

When people appear in my life consciously or unconsciously asking for great compassion and support, let me remember these days. Let me remember the days when I felt emotionally fragile, needy, anti-social, exhausted, scared of a whole lot of things and unable to quite wipe my vision clear. I want to be able to remember days like these because I will not always be in this internal space. In fact, I won’t even be in it tomorrow… But I’m in it now, and this experience feels like it could be the experience that opens a whole lot of doors to love and compassion through the tempering and distillation of it all… In fact, that’s the whole meaning I’m giving this experience right now – There are keys to loving compassion here…

And it starts with myself…

And I’m so tired I’m falling asleep between sentences…

Love, come save me while I sleep.


3 thoughts on “Love, come save me while I sleep.

  1. Love… Love… Love I call your name,
    And in your Joy I will remain I call your name…
    Sing it Gabs… Over and over again and you travel on your journey
    to where you are meant to be next.
    Sleep well and soundly and may the angels look after you
    and guide you with love,

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