You are not destined for a life of head-banging, heart-hurting, unsupported frustration…

No fricken way!

You, YOU my friend, are destined for a life of bliss and joy and creative fulfillment and deep connection to the things you truly value!

You are destined to be a shining example of radical, loving change!

I know this about you.

Umbrella lady


I also know you forget it sometimes.

I know you struggle to find your way back to knowing, I know there are times when you get scared that your spark is lost or too small, or that you don’t know enough, don’t understand enough, or are too trapped to live the shiny, expansive version of you that you really want to be living.

You need a space-holder.

 You need someone who is resolutely committed to seeing the inextinguishable spark in you, and fanning the flame til you are blinking at the wonder of your own brilliance. You need someone who holds you accountable to your commitment to stepping into the next version of your grandest vision of your greatest self. You need someone who gives you intellectual tools and tips to hold to this commitment and you need the LOUDEST, most supportive and inspiring cheerleader of your whole, entire life jumping up and down and BEAMING with you at your every triumphant expansion!

Well, well, well, I do believe that ‘someone’ is ME. 

I would be so exquisitely honoured to hold this space of miraculous, radical, loving change for you. It will not always be ‘fun’, it will often push your buttons, you’ll probably cry… And then… And then, my friend, your whole entire life will make great leaps towards deeper freedom, love, connection, creativity and everything else your heart is longing for… 

There is work to be done here, and it will be the most satisfying work of your life if you commit to it.

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Here’s to your healed head and heart, radical, loving change and your joyful, inspired life!



Gabs x

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