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Story Circle Feb Green

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Interested in deeper, wider, more juicy conversations?
Want a safe, supportive, guided space to practice sharing your unique stories in more open and clear ways?
Or maybe you’re just up for a slightly kooky adventure that will engage your body, mind, and heart!
The spark behind ‘Story Circles’ is a simple one:
Everyone has fascinating stories.
Every single person has a unique life perspective and experience to share. And, while these stories are unique, it’s the strong, deep commonality in them that opens our hearts, that fortifies us when we’re feeling alone, and inspires us with new possibilities.

But we rarely get to this juiciness. And, if we do, it’s with a very limited number of people. We get caught up in the everyday roles we play, in social convention, in wanting to go deeper but not quite knowing how to go there, or how it will be received.

At this, the inaugural Story Circle, you will be guided through a creative series of ‘warm-up’ exercises that will get you moving, observing, expressing, and connecting in ways that are probably a little outside of your norm! Then we will sit in circle and, inspired by better questions, we will all share precious little gems of our experience, our story. (Literally! There will be a ‘Question Jar’, and your answer to one of the questions in the jar will be your story for the night to share.)

I’ve never seen this offered before, in exactly the format I’m planning, so you will be the pioneers, the explorers at a new frontier of juicy story awesomeness!! There may be moments where it’s confronting or intense, but there will also be moments when it’s heartwarming, joyful, and nourishing. Hey, there might even be some moments where it’s downright hilarious! We’ll see!

Maybe I’m the only one who wants to go on quirky adventures like this, but I doubt it! If you love the first one as much as I think you will, I’m planning to have them monthly. If you don’t love it, or you don’t even turn up, I’ll just let it go and follow the next creative spark. For now though, I’m following this one!

Cost is $15 per person, payable either in cash on the night or through my website:

Venue is: Being Yoga Studio – Level 1, The Corporate Centre (6/13 Norval Court, Maroochydore.

Saturday 25th February, 6:30-8:30pm

About me:
I’ve been leading groups in some way, shape, or form since I was 4 and got the ‘Busy Bee’ award in preschool…

I ran my first ‘personal development/creative exploration’ type event in 2006, and since then have created and facilitated hundreds of workshops and events covering vocal expression/singing, creative writing, physical percussion, small business support and development, with conscious, creative self-expression being the common theme through all of them.

I am a qualified counsellor, have certificates in theatre and music therapy, and across my wide and varied adventures, I have worked with everyone from preschoolers to corporate bigwigs, nursing home residents to asylum seekers, chronic wallflowers to wannabe divas!

You don’t need to have any special skills for this workshop, I don’t need you to be anything other than willing. But I do need you to turn up! 🙂
See you there?!

Any questions, just ask!

Much love,