The 3 Commandments of a Zen Sproglet.

I know there are traditionally 10 Commandments but 10 seems like too many to remember and 3’s my favourite number so I’m going with that. Having been back in Australia just over 3 weeks now, I’ve observed many interesting things about life here – contemplations on how it was, how it now is and how I want it to be. The number one question I’ve been asking myself is ‘What about my life do I want to consolidate- what do I want to be my new foundations and focus?’ I have asked myself this question while sipping chai with new friends in bamboo cafes, I have asked myself this question in the stark silence of the wee hours of the morning and I have contemplated it as I lay in the sun watching the world from a-high. The answers have presented themselves in ways both subtle and mind-obliteratingly obvious.. They boil down to the following… The 3 Commandments of a Zen Sproglet.

1. Thy shall not push. (Thy shall flow.)

I used to be a pushy person, I used to be proud of my ability to make things happen through sheer force and dogged determination. Then Life appeared and tapped me on the shoulder and said ‘Um, I’ve pretty much got this… Well, actually, I’ve TOTALLY got this…. Wanna take a bit of a chill pill?’ By ‘Thy shall not push’ I don’t mean I’m not going to do anything, I mean I’m going to stop pushing against Life. I’m going to stand as clearly and definitely in what I desire as I can and then I’m going to trust Life with the rest. This applies to all areas of my life – I am not going to chase friends who don’t get back to me after a call or two, I’m not going to be the stubborn aggressor in intimate relationships, I’m not going to push for jobs and projects that aren’t happening gracefully. I shall not push – I shall flow. I am not the boss of the world, Life has totally got this covered… It’s so much easier to be chilled and relaxed and giving and loving and all those good things when I’m not worried about keeping everything ‘under control’. Peace like a river flows…

2. Thy shall keep it simple.

Pretending to be the boss of the world and ‘keeping it all under control’ can get pretty damn complicated- complex, convoluted dramas abound and keeping it all alive and kicking (and screaming) takes a lot of energy. This shall be my modus operandi no more. There are better things to invest my energy in. (See Commandment 3 for a perfect example.) I shall not involve myself in complicated group politics, I shall not take on responsibilities not mine to bear, I shall not run around like the kid that got his ass bitten in a bull-ants’ nest to appease anyone’s ideas that I must stay ‘busy’. I shall honour the sacred value of simplicity. I shall practice the alchemist’s skill of truly, simply being present. Being in the Now – Gold! 🙂

3. Thy shall stay connected with the natural world.

Before I came back to Australia I knew very, very little about what exactly would become of ‘my life’… In fact, the only thing I could say with absolute certainty in regards to how I wanted my immediate future to look was that I wanted a vegetable garden. I now amazingly have the beginnings of a vegetable garden and, even in its very, very formative stages, it feels so good for my soul. The very essence of me longed for this land when I was away and now that I’m back, my moments of greatest contentment, wonder and gratitude fill me as I touch this land and I breathe it in. There are many ways I can (and will) honour this 3rd commandment but my vege garden is already teaching me much about simplicity and patience and trust and appreciation and humility…

  May my commandments guide me well (and possibly you too) and may all be most brilliant… Amen, A-zen, Amen.