The biggest commitment of our lives…

I just got back from watching a movie called ‘Whaledreamers’ (… A movie 18 years in the making… A movie about ancient peoples and their connection with the spirits of the whales and the dolphins, a movie about indigenous heritages around the world, a movie about Peace. And as I sat there watching, grieving our disconnected, fear mongering lives, Peace again presented itself to me.

Peace is an abstract concept to many of us. A word we use occasionally. A word that rarely truly makes it into our everyday vernacular. In day-to-day living, Peace barely makes it into the equation. We make practical decisions based on practical considerations, ‘peace’ we save for rallies and marches and world-wars. I am just as much a culprit as anyone, it is not yet habit for me to ask ‘What would bring the most Peace to this situation?’ a closer truth would be that I ask ‘How can I get what I want from this situation?’ Ringing any bells?

In the past year, how often have you sat and, with intense focus and concentration, sought to answer the question ‘What would bring the most Peace to this situation?’ or even prayed, if you are so inclined ‘Dear God/The Universe/Love, I surrender, please bring Peace to this situation.’ Not so often huh? Join the club. For many of us, ‘peace’ has ambiguous connotations… we have the vague feeling that we’d like it but at the same time it doesn’t always seem the most ‘powerful’ choice, the strongest choice or the choice that will get the most things done.  Collectively and individually, we have been denying Peace its ability to powerfully transform every area of our lives. We have an emotional, spiritual (and in many cases, physical) cancer that only Peace can heal. And Peace can only enter, will only enter when we are willing to be defenseless. Peace and defenses are mutually exclusive, as are Peace and hatred. It is one or the other. At some point you will have to choose.

I am not talking about being powerless, I am talking about being defenseless, there is a massive difference. In the presence of Peace, indeed even in the mere reaching for Peace, there is nothing to defend. Who is ‘right’ and who is ‘wrong’ is irrelevant in the face of Peace. Peace is powerful, so much more powerful than anything we can construct on our own. Peace is holy, it is our conduit to God and to Love. In those rare moments in the midst of turmoil when my heart and mind have truly reached towards Peace, even the glimpse of it, a second of surrender to it, has given me a soul-wrenching reminder that Peace could change my life if I let it. I’m sure you’ve had them too. When we start consistently, powerfully choosing Peace as the priority in all our relationships, it will fundamentally change the world. ‘World Peace’ will take care of itself when we personally commit to Peace in our lives.

Dear Peace,

We, the undersigned, commit to Peace in our relationships with ourselves, each other and with the natural world. We realise we will be required to recommit everyday, in a variety of ways, sometimes over and over and over again in the same relationship.  We know that our defenses and fear may challenge us at every turn. We know that we will have to sacrifice ego ‘wins’ and the need to be ‘right’. We know we may trip and fall sometimes, or even often. We know that, at times, Peace will seem illogical and against ‘commonsense’. We know that, in some moments, it may be terrifying as we are left with nothing ‘hard’ to hold onto.  We still commit. We commit to Peace.

Power to the Peaceful.