The most important relationship of our lives.

One is enough.

No matter what my intellect tells me, I don’t need more followers, more ‘likers’, more readers. (And oh boy does it tell me I need more over and over and over again!) True, if I’m playing this game with my intellect in the driver’s seat then yes, I need more people, I need bigger numbers, ‘higher turn over’, ‘bigger profit margins’, ‘more customers’. Gratefully, I’m not playing this game with my intellect in the driver’s seat. My brilliant, loving, divine self is in the driver’s seat. My intellect is merely the vehicle, constructing ways and platforms to more clearly, more freely, and more deeply do what it is that I am here to do. And what is it that I am here to do? I am here to inspire transformation, to elicit sacred remembrance of our whole and loving completeness… And to play with the miracle of human experience. Play!

One is enough. In fact, one is not only enough, it is all there can be. No matter how many people there are in a room, all of my relationships are singular. There is you and me, and that’s all. Sure, there’s also ‘me and him’ and ‘him and her’, but, from the inside of every relationship there is only ever ‘you’ and ‘me’. (And yes, then we can start talking about how we are ‘all one’… But I like this adventure of the singular ‘me’ and the singular ‘you’ right now, it creates the ability to have some exquisite experiences.) You and me, you and me, you and me, that’s the only relationship we can ever be in. That’s the only relationship I’m ever in – me and you.

There is no moment of relationship that ‘doesn’t matter’. You are always in relationship and it always matters… Not in a big, scary, ominous way like you could ‘fail’ at this. (You can’t. You can’t fail at this.) More in a divine and magical way that decrees it doesn’t matter ‘who’ you are being your brilliant, most loving, most joyful and creative self in relationship with, what matters is that you are being your most brilliant, loving, joyful and creative self. No matter ‘who’ you think you are being your most brilliant, loving, joyful and creative with, it attracts your good to you with the same intensity.  Sometimes we get to thinking that we have to be our most brilliant and creative selves in front of a specific someone before it ‘really counts’ – a boss, a love interest, a potential investor, a publisher, a certain leader or celebrity… There is only ever you and me, it doesn’t get more important than this. The power is in the being. Be your most loving, creative, joyful, brilliant in this relationship. This is the important one. This is your defining moment. The Universe takes note of your definition of yourself and creates your physical and practical ‘out there’ life inline with that. Life follows your deepest instructions… And Life determines your deepest, core instructions by reading the way you are being in relationship. You are always in relationship, you are always reinforcing old instructions or giving The Creator new ones… Always.

One is enough. One is all there is. Be your most brilliant, loving, compassionate, creative, joyful self in this relationship.

The game, it is freaking magical!