The Space.

Hello page! Hello blank space! Hello squiggly little black shapes that magically appear at will! Talk about master manifester! All I have to do is think it and it appears on the page – KAZAM! Genius!

It’s so good to be here!

I feel like I need to acknowledge you right now. No, sorry, not ‘you’ reader- ‘you’ white space, ‘you’ virtual page.

You have changed my whole fucking life.

You have been silent, supportive witness to some of the most emotional, overwhelmed moments of my life. You have let me share anything and everything I needed to share. You have been a place where I have brought my bliss to honour it. I have never turned up to anything as tenaciously as I have turned up to you. Facilitator of perfect evolution, mirror of my own brilliance. I have been stretched and challenged and lovingly brought home in the spaces, in the cherished reliability of these funny little shapes that somehow, through some magic spell, express so much of the story of me.

Thank you white space, thank you virtual page, thank you blessed letters.

Thanks to you, today I got to sit at the beach with tears rolling down my cheeks as I read first pieces from brand new writers in Writes of Passage. ‘Brilliance’ becomes such a small word in the face of the power and the energy of this space… And it’s the space that makes it. It’s the space.

So often we devote so much of our energy to what we think it is that is going to fill the space – the house, the car, the partner, the job, the activities, the food, the words… It’s the space that creates the magic. It’s the space that draws the things to fill it perfectly. Oh yes. Get this. Understand this. This feels the equal and complementary second-half to the foundational principle of ‘Internal creates external.‘… The ‘things’ don’t create the space… It’s the space that draws the ‘things’. Create the space. Hold the space. Invest yourself in the space. The space. The space. The things are transitory, the space is the legacy. Create the space. Hold the space. Invest yourself in the space. The space. Yes, I had to write it again… This is one of those things that’s just broken through into a new level of understanding for me in the very writing of it. Holy shit, I think I may have just stunned myself into silence. That’s a first! I think I’m going to have to leave it abruptly here and go and contemplate this new level of understanding for a while.

‘Space-holder for radical, loving change.’ I’ve been calling myself that for months now…

Create the space.

Hold the space.

Invest yourself in the space.