The Stars, they shine for us.

I have been realising a lot of things lately, being reminded of what it is that I’m really passionate about, seeing that my future is indeed wide open and expansive. I have been contemplating ways to combine my great loves of performing and facilitating. The more I share my workshops, the more I see others, the more I am shaken by the certainty that I am capable of being a powerful conduit and space holder for amazing growth and creativity and expression and the more important it becomes that I do that. I don’t know how that can or will play itself out in a practical sense yet (I am open to ideas, grants, tours, places to hold workshops, groups/businesses to connect with.)  but everyday I get more committed to the game.

Today I was inspired by a talk on TED by a performance poet named Sarah Kay she is my hero today 🙂 Below is a piece I just wrote and intend to perform… somewhere, somehow 🙂 And so it shall be. Enjoy! xx

No matter how much I pretend, the future is not defined.

No matter how much I try to cajole definites out of the unknown, there are no certainties.

(Except death…The most sacred motivation.)

True that I may be the master of my fate and the captain of my soul but I sail on an ocean of change, of swift moving cross -currents that may land me in a place wondrous and completely unexpected in an instant.

An instant.

So as I plot course and set sail, the desires that are truly mine are like stars to navigate by… a partner, children, sharing my gifts, stepping up more and more and more, successful businesses, financial abundance, a beautiful home, a pillar of community… all stars, compass points while the ocean swirls unknown.

And I make plans not to make plans and I resolutely refuse to brand any of my dreams ‘Impossible’.

The Universe conspires for my freedom and my joy.

The Universe conspires for my freedom and my joy.

Conspires – meaning “to breathe together,” – The Universe breathes with my freedom and my joy. The Universe breathes with our freedom and our joy. Breathe my love, breathe.

A hubbah-rubbah – great love.

Great breath, great love.

Together we breathe as one and we plot the courses of our freedom and our joy by the stars of our hearts’ deepest desires.

Existing in both the seen and the unseen, the night and the day, through weather fair and foul… we sail on…. we sail on… and in moments we lay, gazing up in reverent wonder… the stars they shine for us.

The stars they shine for us.