A Story Of Me.

Born in sunny Queensland, Australia, I’ve spent my life on a series of fascinating adventures… (Sometimes hanging out the washing is a fascinating adventure if you use your imagination a little bit!)

I’m a creative skills generalist; a conscious ideas specialist.

I’ve got a whole host of creative skills- movement (AcroYoga, physical theatre), music (percussion, vocals/singing), words (creative writing, spoken word/performance poetry), and more… And I love using all of these things to explore and live the big ideas (and the small, delightful ones). I’m a degree qualified counsellor and experienced group facilitator with a life-long penchant for personal development and conscious living.

You’ll find me exploring my depths and moving towards my ideal- even when it’s uncomfortable and means constant change. (It’s getting so much easier and fun these days though! Flow baby, flow!)

I’m irreverent, ridiculous, and occasionally hilarious! I’m an unapologetic self-lover- Self-Love Special Agent, but not undercover! I delight in the juicy, inspired, conscious experiences of life.

Practically speaking, here’s a sprinkling of things you might find interesting to know about me. Among other things, I’ve…

⇒ Studied business, theatre, counselling, and music therapy.

⇒ Spent an intense season or three as a full-time performer, manager, and teacher in a physical percussion ensemble.

⇒ Run workshops on a variety of topics (percussion, vocal and physical expression, creative writing, and personal development) here, there and everywhere.

⇒ Lived and worked (and driven!) in Bali.

⇒ Officially became an orphan at 26. (My mum died when I was 13 and my (practically absent) father in 2012.) (What did they die of? What everyone dies of: Breathing out and not breathing in. See? Irreverent.)

⇒ Said a massive ‘YES’ to life and the living of my deepest desires, and the subsequent constant evolution of myself and my story. (Season by season, day by day, moment by moment – Yes, yes, yes.)

Decided my favourite number is 3, invested in two gold teeth (Literally! Arrrgh me hearties!), and believe that yes, there IS a proper way put the toilet roll on the holder! Ha! (I may be one of those people who changes them when they’re the ‘wrong’ way!)

I am a passionate advocate of asking better, deeper, more loving and more expansive questions about everything! There’s no such thing as static wisdom – it’s as dynamic as the ocean!

(I am not a fan of prolonged serious faces! Let it be fun, let it be joyful, let it be easy!)

If you’re intrigued, explore more!
See you somewhere in the playground!