Formal experience.

Let’s get a wee bit formal shall we?


Leading adventures, teaching creative tools and techniques (NOT teaching creativity- you’ve already got that!), performing, and generally being the space holder for you to have transformative experiences is my thing. It’s my buzz. It’s the thing that makes me sing and yell and interpretative dance – ‘YES! I WAS BORN FOR THIS!’ As such, I’ve been collecting a decent swag of experience from a wide ocean of projects.

It’s a life-long commitment, an ever deepening journey into the mastery of the form… But let me tell you this, with full humility and unabashed ownership of my Love-given gifts: I am good at this. When you commit to an adventure with me, know that I am committed to giving you every resource and every iota of loving attention, support, knowledge, and wisdom that I have to give.


♥ First and foremost, I have been a dedicated and consistent student of metaphysics and conscious creating for 15+ years, publicly using myself as my primary test subject. Observe me, question me, ask other people about me – my work is an inseparable extension of me.

♥ Bachelor of Counselling, University of the Sunshine Coast, 2016

♥ Certificate in Music Therapy, Hochschule Fulda University of Applied Sciences, Germany, 2015

♥ Certificate IV in Theatre Arts, University of Victoria, 2006

♥ Recipient of ‘Steel Magnolia Inspirational Women Award’, Lifeline Central Coast, 2013

♥ International Manuscript Competition Finalist, Hay House, 2013

♥ Award winning Spoken Word performer. (See this page for more specifics!)

♥ National teaching and performance experience in physical percussion with ‘The Rhythm Hunters’, 2008 – 2012 (E.g. Woodford Folk Festival, Jenolan Caves, Cygnet Folk Festival, Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, Canberra Nara Candle Festival, Subsonic Music Festival. )

♥ International (in-person and online) teaching and facilitating experience including vocal expression sessions (‘Sing ‘Til You Grin’ and ‘The Sound Garden’), creative writing and personal development workshops (including the 12-month ‘Writes of Passage’ process), and creating and running ‘The Passion Tree’ business and inspiration network.

♥ Creative Arts Practitioner in a bunch of other contexts… including The Gumball Festival, Mountain Creative Youth Project with Fusion Arts, Peats Ridge Festival, Vibrance Women’s Conference, ‘Head, Hands and Heart’ Creativity Conference Sydney,  Artist Liaison Bali Spirit Festival, MC and Artist Co-ordinator at various events!

Leading a group of students at the national Judo Championships.
Leading a group of students at the national Judo Championships.
Another story sharing group of mine. :)
A Passion Tree gathering.
Another Passion Tree gathering! (Cuties!) 
Sing Til You Grinners!
Some Sing Til You Grinners! (Even more cuties!)
‘Heads, Hand, and Heart’ Creativity Conference.