The Work That Is In You To Do.

No one ‘out there’ will hold your hand in this. Not all of the time. Not forever. Even the most ardent of supporters need time to breathe, need space to support their own dreams, need to be free to leave. This is exactly as it should be.

You need to learn to hold your own hand. You need to learn to hold your own hand and never let go. You need to learn to stay with yourself, to stay with your deep, sacred work through the minefields of praise and criticism. Know that they will both drag you from your path if you let them. Unadulterated praise will corrode your foundations just as quickly as the most harsh criticism. Let neither of them define the work that you do.

Do the work that is in you to do. You will be insatiable in your wanting until you do the work that is in you to do. No relationship, no drug, no thing, nothing will satisfy you… Your life will be a tolerable hell until you take your own hand and you promise to God and Life and Love and all that is holy that you will do the work that is in you to do. Whatever it takes. Through all of your doubts, through all of your resistance, whether they love you and shower you with diamonds and accolades or they hate you and rain you with curses… Or both. Hold your own hand and stay on the path. Whatever it takes.

No one else in the entire world is waking up with your sacred work on the top of their ‘to-do’ list. No one. They have their own sacred work to do. You have to put your own sacred work at the top of your own ‘to do’ list. Every day. Every single day until there is no more breath in you. Every day is sacred work day.

No one cares about your work as deeply as you do. They never will. They have their own work to care deeply about. This is perfectly as it should be. Let this fact liberate you from the belief that you are ultimately accountable to anyone else. You are not. You are ultimately accountable to no one but yourself and Life.

This doesn’t mean that no one cares about what you do. People care. People are watching you. People are watching you and mustering their own courage. People are watching you and the presence of your truth is calling to their own. No matter what games they are playing on the outside, know that your presence is speaking to theirs. Your moves towards ever more conscious awareness and evolution change everything. You are saving lives simply by saving your own. You are always in front of the room.

Take your own hand and commit to this. Commit to doing the work that is in you to do. Keep turning up. All of your deepest desires will find you, as long as you are there to be found. Keep turning up.

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