This is Bliss

It says in A Course in Miracles that our bodies can be ‘a beautiful lesson in communion until communion is’. This phrase has clung to my mind like a web of gossamer thread. The gentle sparkle of it catching my mind’s eye in more frequent moments as my favourite season, Summer, finally arrives. I love Summer. I love Summer more than words can ever do justice. I love the simmering heat of it. I applaud the joyous throwing off of our Winter and Spring layers and our definitive moves closer to nakedness. I exalt this season of my birth for the exquisite exhale it coaxes from our psyches. Summer, you redeem me.

I’ve been ravenous in my wanting and yearning for Summer this year. It seems that this year he has taken lifetimes to get here. Old man Winter seemed slow and long. Dear god did Winter seem long. Spring, while I love her for her colours and her growth, is too tentative and fickle to truly satisfy me. This year she was lured into Winter’s bed far too frequently. Far too frequently indeed. But I can forgive her now because she has lead me to my life time lover. The one who I have been pining for. The one who I run to meet and throw myself open to. Summer is here! Summer is here and he has breathed life onto the dull embers of my sensuous self and coaxed them back to their fiery fullness.

Summer is the season I truly, effortlessly, joyfully live in my physical body. Summer is the season when I am truly my sensuous self. Summer is the season when you will find me writhing in ecstasy at the intense connection with all that is. My body, she sings in Summer. She relaxes and opens and gives what is hers to give. She is a temple at which Life lays sacred offerings. She says ‘Yes’ to it all.

I went and had a Kahuna massage this morning. Kahuna is a Hawaiian style of full on bodywork that moves you towards emotional nakedness and higher connection through the literal nakedness and surrender of your physical body. Laying there on the table, breathing deeply, having my limbs moved and massaged in deep, dynamic and flowing ways gives space for my thinking mind to drop away. This type of bodywork induces, for me, a reconnection to my physical, sensual, perfectly manifested and connected self. It makes my face literally tingle. All of my intensely sensually moments make my face tingle… I don’t know why but it’s like a magic ‘Aha!’ every time!

After my massage I went down to the ocean and swam in her crystal clear water. To feel the boundaries of my physical body so rapturously defined by an entire ocean is… bliss. To be so wholly and completely alive right now is bliss. Calm, gentle, knowing bliss.

This season, this body, is bliss.