Trusting the process.


I trust a lot of things.

I trust that I will be safe sleeping in my bed at night, or walking down the street alone.

I trust that the air I breathe is pure and abundant enough to keep me alive and my lungs happy.

I trust that I am loved and resourceful and proactive enough to always have a place to stay.

I trust that I will always have enough food to eat. (And most of the time even have enough money and value on good food to eat really well!)

I trust that the relationships and communities I am part of have got my back if ever I need to make SOS calls.

I trust, as only a privileged, first-world citizen of a free country can, that the world really is my oyster, and that there are always an abundance of options open to me.

I trust that everything that happens is working to serve me, if only I have eyes to see it.

More and more and more, I trust my intuition, my knowing voice.

I trust that the life of my deepest desires is divinely inspired, and that I am being drawn perfectly towards it.

I trust that my everyday steps are the perfect steps, everyday.

I trust the process.

I. Trust. The. Process.

2 thoughts on “Trusting the process.

  1. I have reread a few of your poems and am amazed at the clarity and simplicity and some are very beautiful and true such as ‘Love I am Wanting’ at the beginning of ‘Space” I think. I just wish my clarity just didn’t keep getting muddied again!

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