We are… Sweet, sweet jelly-babies.

‘So whilst the entire New Age movement is fascinated with the so called ‘out of body’ experiences, we actually don’t have a scientific explanation for an in body experience… The simplest explanation that we can offer, or anybody can offer, for the fact that you can’t be found in your body is that you’re not in it. That’s a hallucination, and it’s a hallucination that we all share-  That ‘I am located somewhere in my body’. The wisdom traditions of the world tell us that it’s the other way around – Your body is in you. Your mind is in you. In fact, the whole universe is in you.’ – Deepak Chopra in an interview for Hay House, June 2013.

I was going to write about something smaller than that. I was going to write about remembering and honouring how much we’ve created and how much we have grown instead of berating ourselves for how little we seem to have done… Those still feel like important things to remember and play with… But why not go cosmic, why not go infinite? Maybe I’ll even take it to the absurd!

I’m not here. You’re not there. I’m not in my body, it’s in me. You’re not in your mind, it’s in you. Such a trifling thing as a single human body seems hardly to matter then does it? I have this persistent image of an infinite bowl of cosmic jelly, (Probably strawberry or raspberry or an awesome new ‘every flavour’… In a good way.) and all of our bodies and sweet little minds being lollies stuck in and left to set here… And death is just that cute kid who grins in delight and digs in with his big spoon, gliding those sweet morsels to his waiting mouth… A la the giant from ‘Jack and The Beanstalk’, but heaps cuter, and with jelly babies who are totes cool with being eaten… Because it’s an infinite bowl of jelly remember and there are bodies and minds aplenty…. Twist is, the grinning, spoon-wielding kid is made of jelly too… And so is his spoon. (Dear Matrix, there is a spoon, it’s just made of jelly.)

So we’re all really just an infinite expanse of jelly with abundant concentrations of sweetness that we call brains and bodies… And they may seem solid and disconnected from the whole when we’re pretending we are them… But a jelly baby by any other name is still… Well, jelly.

Ta da! I’m sure this has satisfied your intellect precisely 0%… But sometimes I get to taking myself and my life and what I’m doing and not doing so damn seriously that I forget I’m not actually in this brain and body of mine, I’m not actually that small and limited at all. I am a glorious, delicious concentration of sweetness with my cute little jelly-baby body and my comical jelly-baby face… And that’s good, it’s fun to play with… But, bigger than my jelly-baby self… I am jelly. The jelly. The Jelly. The infinite, cosmic, tasty, tasty jelly.

Bow before my sage-like wisdom and join me in the kingdom of jelly…

Wibble wobble, wibble wobble, jelly on a plate.

P.S. It’s cosmic vegan, natural colours, flavours and sweeteners jelly, calm down. You green-smoothie freaks can even have it vaguely spinach flavoured if you like!

P.P.S. Ok, the word ‘jelly’ is starting to gross my brain out now… Lucky I’m not my brain!

*Don’t send the white-coats, I’m fine, really! I’m just expanding my consciousness! A plane ticket to Europe would be sweet though! Thanks!*


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