We have a small flame.

Remember that time I packed up everything and went off on an open ended adventure?
Nah, not that first time, or the second, or the third… I’m not completely sure what number I’m up to now, but it’s been a few. The most recent time is the one I’m referring to.
So I quit my first ever super normal (part time) job, gave up my cute little semi rural cabin, said a sweet, but fascinatingly anticlimactic ‘Goodbye’ to a bunch of peeps. And just left.

Drove a few days north to Cairns.

Taught a bunch of acro balance workshops along the way.  Had a co-pilot, fellow adventurer. Both of these things were unique to this particular leaving. (Or is it a ‘going’?)

Got to Cairns.

Realised I’m not actually that into the idea of being based here for very long. Realised I’m currently not that much of a fan of being based anywhere very long. Realised that co-pilot adventurer guy and I could have more adventures. Made the surprise discovery that that was a thing I wanted. Proposed to him that we formalise our creative adventures a little more, and keep adventuring. He was up for the adventure. So that’s what we’re doing. Adventuring. (I’m always adventuring, but this one has a new name – O.M. Creative) Adventuring until… Until? I don’t know. He doesn’t know.

I’m currently capable of clearly comprehending a timeline between now and March next year.  That’s 4 months away. That’s rather impressive for me actually. After that though? A whole big pile of wonder. New steps will appear between now and then.

I can schedule 4 months in advance, but I can’t predict how this will feel tomorrow.
I can decide to turn up today, but I can’t know exactly what I’m turning up to.

Being in this creative partnership offers a feast of small challenges for me… And moments of the juiciest rewards. Moments when I’m struck by the ease of it, the profound ‘Oh, of course this is the next logical step’-ness of it. From a certain perspective, when my eyes are loving and clear, there are so many elements of my ideal here… And more possible. More than ever before. But my life is always more than ever before, I’m always closer to my ideal than ever before.

If it sticks, it’ll be life changing for both of us. It’s already life changing for both of us, but you know what I mean. Is this a candle or a bonfire? I don’t know yet, we don’t know yet – they both start from the same small flame. And we have a small flame, we do.

I wonder.

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