Why do I do it?


I used to think that my ‘everyday stories’ weren’t noteworthy enough to really warrant telling. I used to think that I had to already be a ‘success story’ or have a ‘happy ending’ before I could claim to be an expert on anything. Then the unexpected death of my father jolted me awake. I realised that there is something I am an expert in already. In fact, there is only one thing I will ever truly be a master at… And that is ‘The Story and Experience of Me.’ Then, in the intuitive, almost compulsive, act of writing about the immediate effects of this death in my life, I uncovered another life-changing understanding – My story is valid. Your story is valid. Our everyday stories are valid.

In the willingness to share our stories, in all their profundity and profanity, mundane moments and sacred silences, shallows and depths, there lies the immutable, unerasable experience of both seeing our stories as valid and knowing that, in every touch of our keyboards or stroke of our pens, we can literally rewrite our stories… About everything.

Sharing my stories with the world was a foundational part of massive, intense, liberating change for me. Literally my whole life has changed since I started giving myself permission to share and consciously rewrite the stories of me. The personal and public commitment I made to keep turning up and to keep sharing, no matter what my intellect or ego was screaming, solidified this personal story-writing business as the work of a lifetime for me.

Another story sharing group of mine. :)
Another story sharing group of mine. 🙂

It’s not just about me sharing my stories, it’s about creating safe, guided, supportive space for you to share yours too… Because your stories are valid. ‘The Seer is just as important as The Seen.’ I need to be both, you need to be both. It’s an infinitely expanding circle – The more I let you see of me, the more you will let yourself be seen by me. The more I see of you, the more I will be called to share with you. The more of me I share with you, the more you will see it’s safe to share with me… And bigger and bolder and deeper and brighter our sharing gets! Each small pebble of truth and raw honesty creating perfect ripples too large for our small eyes to see. Every authentic relationship, every move towards Love and connection and ultimate creativity, changes everything.

I started this chapter of my writing adventures because the voice in me that was calling me to them got too loud to ignore. I keep turning up to these writing adventures because it feels deeply important that I do- I see incredible, beautiful change and growth in the people who dive into Writes of Passage with me… These adventures are the most loving and creative service I can offer the world right now… When I try to think of something else I’d rather be doing, or that calls me more, I come back with nothing. And it is the most satisfying ‘nothing’ I have ever found in my life. This is it for me right now, and in every single future I can imagine. This is it.

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