What? Why? How?


Hi there! Welcome to my online home, adventure, altar and business…

Turning up to a new website kind of feels like meeting someone new… A big expanse of unknown, a flurry of questions and the sweet, tender shoots of a brand new relationship that may one day grow into a strong, established and bountiful fruit tree…

Let me fill in a little of the unknown for you, answer a few questions and water that little seed of a new relationship… This relationship, this ‘you and me’, it could very well change both of our lives…


What do I do?

I share my everyday stories with the world.

I use my open, honest, raw and consistent sharing to articulate some of the greatest truths and understandings this single mind of mine can get to…

I create space for you to share your stories too… So we can get to even greater truths, deeper understandings and that sweet, juicy connection borne of being really and truly real with each other.



Why do I do it?

I used to think that my ‘everyday stories’ weren’t noteworthy enough to really warrant telling. I used to think that I had to already be a ‘success story’ or have a ‘happy ending’ before I could claim to be an expert on anything. Then the unexpected death of my father jolted me awake. I realised that there is something I am an expert in already. In fact, there is only one thing I will ever truly be a master at… And that is ‘The Story and Experience of Me.’ Then, in the intuitive, almost compulsive, act of writing about the immediate effects of this death in my life, I uncovered another life-changing understanding – My story is valid. In my willingness to share my story, in all its profundity and profanity, mundane moments and sacred silences, shallows and depths, I had the immutable, unerasable experience of both seeing my story as valid and knowing that, in every touch of my keyboard or stroke of my pen, I could literally rewrite my stories… About everything.

Sharing my stories with the world was a foundational part of massive, intense, liberating change for me. Literally my whole life has changed since I started giving myself permission to share and consciously rewrite the stories of me. The personal and public commitment I made to keep turning up and to keep sharing, no matter what my intellect or ego was screaming, solidified this personal story-writing business as the work of a lifetime for me.

It’s not just about me sharing my stories, it’s about creating safe, guided, supportive space for you to share yours too. As I often say ‘The Seer is just as important as The Seen.’- I need to be both, you need to be both. It’s an infinitely expanding circle – The more I let you see of me, the more you will let yourself be seen by me. The more I see of you, the more I will be called to share with you. The more of me I share with you, the more you will see it’s safe to share with me… And bigger and bolder and deeper and brighter our sharing gets! Each small pebble of truth and raw honesty creating perfect ripples too large for our small eyes to see. Every authentic relationship, every move towards Love and connection and ultimate creativity, changes everything.

I started this chapter of my writing adventures because the voice in me that was calling me to them got too loud to ignore. I keep turning up to these writing adventures because it feels deeply important that I do, it feels like this is the most loving and creative service I can offer the world right now… And, when I try to think of something else I’d rather be doing, or that calls me more, I come back with nothing. And it is the most satisfying ‘nothing’ I have ever found in my life. This is it for me right now, and in every single future I can imagine. This is it.


How do I do it?

I show you mine –

I write my stories, out here in the public space for all to see. I write about death, love, change, sex, money, family, letting go, joy, work, purpose, space, miracles… And anything and everything else that presents itself to be written.

I write in 100-day ‘Living Book’ projects, each revolving around major events in my life. My first Living Book ‘100 Days of Morning- Writing myself from death to radical, loving change.’ was started in July 2012 and is the story of my life (and massive changes) in the 100 days immediately following my father’s unexpected death.

My second 100-day project ‘A Sacred Summer’ began on the 1st of December 2012 and revolves around my epic road-trip adventures 1,000s of kilometres north and my decision to move interstate. My road-trip was a heartfull pilgrimage back to the lands of my childhood for the first time since my mother died 14 years ago… It was intense to say the least!

My third 100-day project ‘Everyday Love’ begins in March 2013 when I officially move 1,000kms north in the largest, conscious, inspired physical move I have ever made towards living the life of my deepest desires. The pages of this new chapter are miraculously, marvellously blank…

Unless otherwise noted, the blog posts on my home page are part of one of my 100-day projects. (Yep, I share the story as I’m writing and living it!) You can read more about my Living Books here.

These stories are me ‘going first’… They are me ‘walking my talk’ and getting brave about sharing my stories in the anticipation that they will inspire you to do the same. While, overall, my projects are centred around big external events in my life, they are not big, aggrandised stories of some particularly ‘special’ life.

Each of us is special, and none of us are special. Our lives are not a series of big, exciting events with all the in-between blurred out or photo-shopped away. Our lives are as much in the small, ‘everyday’ moments as any other moments. Our brilliance is as much in the quiet, gentle things as the loud and boisterous ones. Our wisdom and love is in every relationship, not just the ones we hold up as ‘the important ones’. Our rampant, infinite creativity is clear in every single moment when we are willing to open our eyes to see it.

Sometimes we feel messy. Sometimes we feel broken and unloved and unloving. Sometimes we feel so chronically disconnected from our own deep joy and sense of purpose that we wander around in a daze wondering what the hell we’re doing here. And it’s all OK. It’s all OK and it’s all temporary and that part of your story is valid. All of the parts of your story are valid… And they can all be rewritten. By you. Only ever by you.

You show me yours –

In the wake of my wild, insistent sharing of my stories, I had people write to me saying ‘We want to share our stories too.’ ‘Oh, really?’ I said, still half in the daze of laying myself bare. ‘I think I can lead that. Let’s have an adventure shall we?’ So off we set, on a wing and a prayer, these brave pioneers with me in the lead… And behold, we found a wild and wondrous land!

‘Writes of Passage is the place we found. Writes of Passage is a safe, online space to share our stories in a profoundly open, supported and connected way. It’s an adventure in starting from different, more creative and expansive questions and being willing to hold the space for your very own and perfect answers. It’s a process of acknowledging the stories you already have and giving yourself the conscious time and space to start rewriting them. It’s a series of three 14-day ‘Chapters’ and ten 5-day ‘Power Packs’ in which you commit to writing and sharing everyday based on the ‘Starting Points’ I lay out for you. It is deep, powerful story-telling, and it is a process that will subtly (and not so subtly!) change your life.

More info is on this page – Writes of Passage.


Finally, I also offer exclusive one-on-one mentoring for those few who are ready to really shake-up their whole life paradigm. And I mean really ready for radical, loving change. ‘Writes of Passage’ is an integral part of this process as a starting point… And then we go even beyond that… It’s big. You’ll know if it’s for you. It’ll bury itself in the fertile soil of your imagination and it will just grow and grow and grow until you can’t help but say ‘I’m in. I’m ready for radical, loving change.’ Click here for more info.

That’s it. That’s the ‘Why? What? How?’ of Gabriella Salmon for today…

Life, it is beautiful. And possibilities, they are endless.

Come play with me!