What’s the difference between manifesting chocolate cake and the life of my deepest desires?

21 minutes ago I was sitting at my desk thinking ‘Hmmmm, I would really love some chocolate cake right about now.’ Now I’m sitting here again, this time with chocolate cake wafting its seductive pheromones from the oven. Twenty-one minutes. Yes, from scratch. Yes, without an external recipe to follow. Yes, all of the ingredients are put away and most of the dishes are cleaned up. Ta da! Super fast, super awesome chocolate cake!

Imagine if I could create and manifest all of my desires this fast and with this much ease! Imagine if you could manifest all of your desires this fast and with this much ease! Hallelujah, we’d be laughing all the way to our bliss! So, what’s the difference between manifesting chocolate cake and the life of our deepest desires? According to A Course in Miracles, pretty much nothing. ‘There is no order of difficulty in miracles. One is not ‘harder’ or ‘bigger’ than another. They are all the same. All expressions of love are maximal.’ (Yes, chocolate cake is a miraculous expression of love! I love food, and I just made a decision today to stop apologising for that fact! I. Love. It.)

OK, so I desired chocolate cake and behold, chocolate cake! Bazinga! Easy, stress-free, simple, delicious creation. What about a brilliant, passionate, and creative intimate relationship? What about wide, influential, inspiring reach? What about bold, shiny financial abundance? (FYI – I just took my chocolate cakes out of the oven and, just quietly, I’M A GENIUS!) I desire these things as much as I desired chocolate cake a little while ago (OK, a little bit more.)… Why is delicious chocolate so easy for me to create… ‘Manifest’… And yet, all of those other things feel like they’re so much further to reach? I know I’m being flip, but constant ‘serious faced’ spirituality bores the pants on me, so let’s just go with it OK? (Yes, ‘Bores the pants ON me’… If you can’t mix up the seriousness with some genuine joy and light-heartedness then you’re definitely not getting my pants off! Potential suitors take note.) So, as I am amorously luring said chocolate cake into my mouth, I’ve created a handy little, off the cuff, list for us all…

The Process of Manifesting Bliss (AKA Chocolate Cake)…

*This list could kinda, sorta, most probably be a handy reference point when desiring to manifest anything in our lives… Just sayin’*

1. Stop being paralysed by fear of failure.

I’m not afraid of failure when I’m cooking. This is due mostly to one little thing – I get it that it doesn’t really matter. Not really. Yeah, it might be a pain in the ass to accidentally burn that feast you’ve spent ages preparing and heaps of ingredients on, but it’s most assuredly not the end of the world. Yeah, it might hurt your heart to think you just ruined that awesome potential relationship that you’ve spent a whole lot of time and energy on, but it’s most assuredly not the end of the world.

2. Be willing to experiment.

Because I’m not paralysed by fear and I get it that it doesn’t really matter, I’m willing to experiment. I’m willing to put weird combinations together on the hunch that they just might turn out alright. I’m willing to approach people and suggest collaborations and possibilities on the hunch that they just might work out. If they don’t, I can just refer to Number 1 and try something else.

3. Honour and cultivate deep passion for your subject matter.

I will talk about food for hours. I will plan my entire day around farmer’s markets and when, where, and what I intend to eat. I will watch documentaries about it, I will excitedly implore you to try my new creations, I will fondle those fresh, new season mangoes oh so lovingly. I will talk about wealth creation for hours, I have dedicated time in my week to sweetly giving attention to my finances, I watch documentaries and read articles about millionaires and billionaires, if I find something I love, I will share it with you.

4. Make it as much for you as for anyone else.

Yes, I LOVE sharing the food I make with the people around me. Funny thing is though, I get it that other people don’t share my passion or my palette. (And I don’t share theirs.) Years ago, I had the perfect experience of being with a group as they were served a meal… A meal that, to my standards, was the most basic thing you could eat and still classify it ‘dinner’. I was making that kind of food when I was 8. The revelation was this – People were still impressed!! Wait, what?! That’s just glorified two-minute noodles and you’re IMPRESSED?! What universe am I even in?! OK, so I’m exaggerating a tad… But, if I was depending on other people to encourage me to expand my culinary adventures, I would be waiting forever. I play and create with food because it’s fun and satisfying for me.

Except for maybe a select few in my inner circle, no one really consciously cares whether I grow into this vision I have for myself. It’s not their job to. It’s my job. Heck, no one expect for me really consciously knows the vision I have for myself. It’s not even possible for anyone out there to know it and feel it in the same way I do. Yes, it’s brilliant to see my vision and growth inspiring others, but I keep experimenting, I keep being willing to ‘fail’ for me, not them. Own your own vision.

5. Practice A LOT.

As previously mentioned, I was cooking decent family meals from about 8 years old. My mother was from the school of ‘creative cooking’ i.e. ‘I’m pretty much just making this whacko experiment up.’ Sometimes it was awesome, other times… Ummm, not so awesome. But it taught me SO much about being willing to experiment, and about having confidence in my own ability to create. My grandmother was from the other side of the fence. There are recipes my nan has made literally hundreds of times in her life and she still gets her recipe book out, still measures the ingredients, still follows it all to the letter. I followed recipes for years. If I hadn’t of started there, I wouldn’t be able to wing so often now. These days I don’t own a cook-book, and I don’t really measure anything… The exception to this is when I’m making something completely new or particularly complex…

All of those ‘failed’ relationships? Practice. All of those creations created and left to create something new? Practice. All of those networks and connections nurtured only to be let go? All of those mindful decisions around even the smallest number of dollars? Practice. Practice. Practice. Practice.

6. Now that you’ve practiced a lot, trust yourself and your creative flow.

There are moments, when I’m cooking, when I’m perfectly in my creative, brilliant, genius flow. My mind is conditioned to be able to create a meal out of almost any fridge or pantry combination. It’s not a struggle, creation is easy. The process delights me as much as the result. I’m willing to accept the proffered help of those around me. (This is relatively new… Up until a few years ago I was adamant that, when I was in the kitchen, NO ONE ELSE COULD BE IN THERE! Then I discovered how much easier it actually was to let other people do the ‘grunt work’ of chopping and grating, while I oversaw the whole creation. It was a revelation I tell ya!)




So, if I follow the other steps, I’ll get to this magical number 6 in all of the things I desire, and there will be moments when it will be so effortless, and the results so sweetly perfect that I’ll throw my hands up in the air exclaiming ‘It’s a MIRACLE!’… But we’ll know… We’ll know, you and me, that it’s less smoke and mirrors and sleights of hand ‘magic’, and more a perfectly evolving process…

… That leads to amazing chocolate cake! 😉

Our deepest desires are inevitable if we let them be.

This is someone else's chocolate cake... Looks good huh?!
This is someone else’s chocolate cake… Looks good huh?!