Writes of Passage

After a two year hiatus, Writes of Passage will open its doors again on the 1st of March 2017…

Ready to play?

Chapter 1 is just $79.

We start on the 1st of March.

(If, after you’ve read/watched everything on this page/the Facebook event page, you still have questions (totally understandable!), click here or go to www.gabriellasalmon.com/writesofpassagefaq/ to see if the answers are there! )

——- Below is as found on Facebook ——

Are you hungry to be asked new, more interesting questions?
(I am!)

Questions that coax tender parts of you out into warm, comforting light? Questions that water, nourish, and see new growth from creative seeds that you planted long ago but had given up on? Questions that inspire you to delve deeper, to get more curious about yourself – your infinitely intriguing, ever-changing self?

And what of the answers to these new, more interesting questions?
Are you looking for safe space to reveal them?

Wide, open space where you can lay out a thousand puzzles pieces if you need to, and feel no pressure to coherently connect any right now… Sometimes even just the act of seeing how many pieces of the puzzle you already have, already know, is revolutionary.

Are you looking for a structured, yet flexible, loving process to explore your new answers?
A space with a leader who has radically transformed the very foundations of her own life through the same process?
I have the questions.
I have the space.
I am that leader.


‘Writes of Passage’

– The online writing, creating, revealing, loving process that has already radically changed lives.

Is yours next?


We play from two fundamental understandings:

  1. Your stories are valid.

You deserve to be seen. There is nothing so broken, stuck, or painful in your stories that it can negate your inherent wholeness, rampant creativity, and absolute lovability. But you won’t know this (really know this) as true until you go there, until you bring those stories to light.

  1. Your stories can be changed.

About everything. The past is not actually static – you can change your stories, (and thus your experience) of anything and everything with conscious, loving, rewriting. Truly. I’ve done it. Profound elements of my experience of my past have shifted in the most loving ways.

Your stories are valid.
Your stories can be changed.


In a private online space, we will, as a group and over the course of a month, write our way through 14 unique sets of questions, a.k.a ‘Starting Points’. Whether your responses be five minute ramblings or meticulously crafted pieces, we will share our answers. We will let our stories be seen by the group. We will be asked new questions, we will write new answers, we will let these stories be seen. Whatever they look like.

And it will change you in whatever way you need it to in this season. It will liberate you in ways tiny and cosmic. It may be soul-searing, it may have you writing through tears of delight, reading with a soundtrack of gigglesnorts, or humbled with gratitude by the trust and openness you are shown.

Whatever it is for you, if you commit to the process, it will be valuable. That I can guarantee.


Chapter 1 starts on the 1st of March.


Are you in?

Look forward to playing with you!

Much love,