Writes of Passage – What is it exactly?

A fully facilitated online process designed to give you the space and support to explore and creatively share your unique life stories, wisdom, and knowing.

Write everyday for 14 consecutive days in your own time.

Share with the group in an online, safe, supportive, exclusive space.

Be asked better questions in the daily ‘Starting Points’…

And revel in the creativity, clarity, wisdom and truth of your own answers.

Practice being more real, more honest, more creative, and more trusting in a space in which everyone else is committed to these things too. (Yep, it’s a practice – you’ve got to keep turning up.)

Denise WOP Praise


Begin honeycomb


– 14 consecutive days of writing starting on the 1st of the month –

Dive in, explore the space, develop and start to share your own unique ‘voice’ in the unique Writes of Passage space. We play deeper, more boldly, more openly, and more creatively here than the average ‘out there’ world does.

Chapter 1 is, quite obviously, the beginning. It’s a chance to grow into the process of using the literal act of writing to validate, celebrate, and recreate any and all of your stories of life. Some of the ideas we start to explore in Chapter 1 include creativity, trust, openness, space and knowing…

Ready to share your stories?