Writes of Passage E-course – The Practical Stuff

The inner workings of Writes of Passage revealed!

Here’s the dealio folks!

(If you have any questions not answered here, please email me or ask the Facebook group.)



-Writes of Passage is run through a private, locked blog hosted on WordPress. Once you have paid, you will be sent an email inviting you to be an author for that chapter’s blog. If you’ve never used WordPress before, you will need to sign-up to get a username and password. (Really easy! And I’ll send you a PDF step-by-step sign-up tutorial too!)

Each chapter is its own self-contained ‘classroom’ – writers before and after you will be able to read your work if they choose but nobody outside of Writes of Passage will have access to the site or be able to read your work. Nothing is ever published outside of the blog without your direct, express, one-on-one permission. (You are free to publish your own work wherever you feel comfortable but please acknowledge that it is part of Writes of Passage and direct them to my website if you do.) Please do not include the Starting Points in their entirety anywhere outside of the group.

If you are on Facebook, there is also an active, private group where messages/updates from me will be posted, you can asked technical questions here and connect with people from other chapters. (I will add you to the group after I receive your first payment. If, for some reason, I can’t find you on Facebook – you can follow this link and request to join.)


Each day’s writing begins with a ‘Starting Point’ for you to use as inspiration, guidance, and ideas.

‘Starting Points’ are a combination of a note of love and support, creative inspiration from me, and the specific theme and questions for that day.

1. All 14 Starting Points can be found on the locked WordPress website as soon as you sign in- I strongly encourage you to only read one at time and respond to it before moving on to the next…

2. I also strongly encourage you to write from said Starting Points. All of us starting from the same questions and answering them in our own way leads to a really connected writing, sharing and relating experience. If, however, you are really strongly called to write about something else that day, go for it.

3. The expectation is that you will spend at least 30mins per day on this project. More is completely welcome. (There are no word limits.) Write YOUR story. Always. Yes, other characters may come in and out of it but no writing exclusively about the little old lady down the road or anything like that. Start with YOUR experiences, feelings and beliefs and stay with them. Your story is valid. Your experiences are valid. You are valid.

4. The intention of this Chapter of Writes of Passage is to write every single day for 14 days. Keep this as your strong intention. Come back to it again and again. Nothing ‘bad’ will happen if you don’t write every day… However, it will be a deeper experience for all of us if you DO write everyday.

Do not turn this into another thing to feel guilty about though. If you fall off the wagon – come back. We will welcome you back with open arms, promise! Your writing, your willingness to come back and show up again is so much more inspiring than you know. Every time you share, you bring new strength and depth and courage to the group. Yes, your voice is important.

5. Please read at least one other piece of writing for every piece you write. (i.e 14 pieces in total.) Push the little ‘Like’ button at the bottom of the post to let the writer know that their work has been seen. Even if you don’t like the content as such, your ‘Like’ is about acknowledging that the other person’s story has been seen. This is important! There is just as much value in holding space for another person’s story as in sharing your own. The Seer is just as important as the Seen. (Some people choose to do all of their reading at the end of the chapter, anything that works for you works for us!)

6. If you feel to, leave a simple message of support at the bottom of the posts that really resonate with you. Keep it simple though! Things like ‘I love this piece’ or ‘I get where you’re coming from’ or ‘That’s intense’… Simple messages of support… No long winded discussions of writing style or use of metaphors mmmkay? No giving of unsolicited advice. None. I’m fierce about this.

7. By the end of the 2 weeks, every piece will have been read by at least one person. (Yup, even if that means I’m doing heaps of reading! I LOVE reading! ;) )

8. If you want to comment on a particular Starting Point or writings on that topic in general then please feel free to do so at the bottom of that particular Starting Point. (This will make sense once you’re in the blog.)


We’re always up for answering new questions, so get in touch if your questions aren’t answered here! Here come the adventures!

Ready to commit to this?!