Commit to Writes of Passage

CommitIt’s time. I’ve given you everything I can without giving away the delicious mystery of it. This is the ‘Yes’ that really matters.

This is the space to share your stories…

And this is the space to rewrite them.

Deeper, wider, more creative, wild, and free!

See you in there!


The beginning, the foundation, the perfect starting point. $59

14 consecutive days of writing in the exclusive Writes of Passage blog starting on the 1st of the month.

Daily ‘Starting Points’ and love letters from yours truly.

Share the space and read the stories of past, present and future writers, including my own responses to the ‘Starting Points’. (It’s basically a secret, magical world in there! You won’t read these stories anywhere else!)

Writes of Passage

Chapter 1


All good things come in threes! Three intense months specifically created to draw you into your creative, connected flow! $99

A chapter a month, every month for 3 consecutive months.

That’s 42+ ‘Starting Points’ and love letters from me to you.

All of the good things about Chapter 1 to the power of three! Three times the stories, three times the space, three times the support, infinite times the adventure! Save $59

Chapter Trilogy


(Save $59)

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The big ‘Yes!’, everything Writes of Passage has to offer, the full circle of conscious story creation! $199

Chapters 1, 2 & 3 PLUS 10 x 5-day ‘Power Packs’ AND access to the exclusive WoP Circle Blog!.

Over 90 opportunities to share your stories, wisdom, and creativity in just about every area of Life, in every way you can imagine! Love, trust, money, sex, friends, growth, body, fears, partners, parents… And a whole heap more!

The full effect of the support of the unique WOP community. In sharing such deep and creative parts of ourselves, we become inextricably and beautifully part of each other’s stories… There is magic beyond words in The Full Circle experience. Save $158

Writes of Passage

The Whole Shebang!


(Save $158)

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