‘Yes’… Over and over and over again.

Yeah, YOU! Bring your eyes back here, I saw you looking! I’ve got some things to ask, some things to tell. Listen up.

In the grand scheme of things, ‘logic’ is a party trick. Do not base your life on it. Do not commit years of your life to something because it’s the ‘logical’ choice. Ewwwww, no. Just no. Go with choices that are married to words like ‘passionate’, ‘creative’, ‘expansive’, ‘joyful’, ‘loving’, and ‘crazy genius’… Or whatever feelings call you… Ask yourself regularly – ‘How do I want to feel?’ Move towards that.

Stop objecting to an awesome life. Stop objecting to a life that is fulfilling, joyful, creative, abundant, and loving.  Stop objecting to the things you actually want! It’s totally illogical! (Ha!) Stop telling yourself, and the world, all the reasons why it can’t work. Stop it. Just STOP IT . It can work. IT CAN. Maybe not in exactly the way you’re imagining it right now, but you’ve got to clear the mental constipation first. Why have you been swallowing so much junk?! Constantly concocting convoluted, copious reasons why it ‘can’t work’ constricts your creative flow like crazy! Flush your system. Start chewing on some healthier ideas and possibilities. Everything you ingest matters. Everything matters. You matter.

Get real quiet. Get real still. Hold sacred space.

Look up into the universe, the clouds are clearing… (Trust me, they’re clearing.) See those stars? Those are the stars of your heart’s deepest desires – navigate by them. Navigate by the stars of your heart’s deepest desires. It’s the only way through this adventure brilliantly, gloriously alive. 

You were born for this adventure, you are perfectly prepared for it… Oh the places you will go, the miracles you will see, the people you will love…

You living the life of your deepest, most heartfull desires serves the whole wide world.

How does it serve the world?

Find the answers to that question.

Pin them to your heart sleeves.

Refer to them often.

This ‘living the life of your deepest, most heartfull desires’ business is bigger than just the single story of you.

Do not be so arrogant as to keep saying ‘No’ to them.

Say ‘Yes’.

Over and over and over and over again.


(Another important thing to remember! 😉 )

*Everyday Love – 100-day Living Book Project #3*

Day 12 – Sunday 31st March 2013