You are a moment of grace.

Today a tragedy on the other side of the world trickles into my awareness. I don’t watch the news, I don’t read newspapers, I don’t listen to the radio, I am highly selective about who I am ‘subscribed to’ on Facebook. I am resolutely committed to being conscious about what I let into my space and my fertile mind. I miss a lot of ‘news’ and for this absence I am grateful, I have better things to fill my life with. But today the news of the massacre of 20 school children and 6 adults in America trickled in and left an ache. Even writing that sentence feels tragic. I know, intellectually, that thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of people are murdered around the world every year. I know that but, honestly, I rarely let myself dwell on it. Meditating on ‘Death’ is confronting enough. Focusing on becoming intimately aware of all of the world’s atrocities and tragedies would paralyze me. But here I am today, thinking about the fact that there are people out there who murder children. It is a heavy cross for the world to bear.

In the wake of tragedies like these, we ask ourselves the same question relentlessly, ‘Why? Why? Why?’. As if somehow we can intellectualize our way to an answer that heals us and solves the problem. We cannot. This is beyond intellect. We ask the question ‘How can we stop this from ever happening again?’. We rally to change gun laws, we install new security systems. These are superficial band aids to the deepest existential wound of all – We are not connected to Love. We are not connected to our own worth. People who are connected to Love do not kill other people. People who are connected to their own worth do not kill themselves. People who are connected to Love do not start or perpetuate wars. I am not just talking about outright suicide. I am talking about our carcinogenic physical and emotional habits that kill us as surely as any bullet or blade will. I’m not just talking about wars that involve whole countries and billions of dollars of government spending, I’m talking about the wars we wage in our everyday with our spouses, our children, our colleagues. We battle with our lives and peace dies here.

Our every moment of un-Love towards the person in front of us contributes to world wars, massacres and needless deaths. This includes our every moment of un-Love towards the person in the mirror. We cannot hate ourselves, we cannot be denying our own worth and be agents for world peace. Our every act of self-hatred, our every moment of denial of our cosmic nature is an act of war. Every time we feed the illusion of our separation and disconnection from Life and each other, we are feeding the world’s deeply unsustainable misconceptions, we are contributing to our own demise and we are walking away from peace. The world does not begin ‘out there’. The world cannot be healed from ‘out there’. The world begins ‘in here’. The world can only be healed from ‘in here’.

Your every movement towards living the experience of yourself as comic, connected and completely complete is an act of Radical Love. Radical Love moves the world towards peace in a way new gun laws never will. When you are connected to your divine worth, you will cease wanting to kill yourself in any way, shape or form. You will stop feeding cancerous relationships and habits. You will be willing to let go of all of your fears and step beyond your ego’s comfort zone because you will see the truth of the statement  ‘You have come to the room to heal the room. You have come to the space to heal the space. There is no other reason for you to be here.’ * Your inner peace changes everything. Your connection to Love changes everything. Heal your delusions. You are powerful beyond measure. The world ‘out there’ is the culmination of our inner worlds made manifest. Commit to dissolving all of your internal barriers to Love and you will change everything.

The world is praying for moments of grace.

You are a moment of grace.

The world is praying for Radical Acts of Forgiveness and Love.

Be a Radical Act of Forgiveness and Love.

Start with yourself.



*From the book ‘Communion with God’ by Neale Donald Walsch